Friday, August 22, 2008

TIME FLIES..........
(wrote this a week ago and forgot to post...hehehehehehe)

I've been told that it has been way too long

since my last post:) Its true! I know, this little

thing called life just keeps getting in the way!!!!!!!!

The past few months have been pretty crazy around

here, getting ready for school and then the really

big news... I have gone back to work. yep, tis true!!!

Tonight will be my 3rd night back. I am actually

enjoying it, but it is only my 3rd night back:)
Enough about that, Im sure Ill have more to say

about that a different time.

Back to the kids, they (James and Brandon)

started school on Monday, then stayed home on

Tuesday(because of T.S. Fay), went to school

Wed and Thurs. and stayed home today.

The kids didnt mind a bit, but it reeked

havoc on mom and dads schedule. ya know

sitting around relaxing, eatin bonbons!!

I wish!!!

Oh yeah- for those of you who may not know

Jason is officially a stay home dad!!!
He has been home since May. We decided that both

of us would stay home with the kids through the

summer, spend lots of family time, play, relax ( he deserved it)

and then I would go back to work in the fall. And here we are!!

God is so good and so faithful. He made it possible for us

to have this wonderful summer with the kids. He provided

for our every need. I feel sooooo blessed to have been able

to stay home for the past year and a half! And then to have

3 months of Jason and I being home together was great!!


Woodard Gang said...

Yeah for an updated post!! Got that room finished yet????

Tara Byrd said...

Okay, so you did comment. Sorry, I missed it! It was good to see you tonight. Keep blogging. I love keeping up with everyone this way.

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