Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Brandon had his first seasick free day on the boat over Memorial Day weekend!!!
Jason, James, Brandon, Uncle Jimmy, Caleb and Grandaddy spent Saturday having a BLAST!!Can you just see the excitement on his face.
His big catch was @20lb jack. It was a monster,
according to Brandon (starting young with those
fishing stories!)
Jason and I were so afraid that he just might not have it in him to be out on the ocean.
But, thank God, he proved us wrong!!
Of course, he had a little help from some dramamine:) I dont know what we wouldhavedone if he couldnt be out there with the rest of us. But we are free and clear now!!!!

Everyone caught something that day, everyone under the age of 8 that is.
James caught a kingfish, he will be quick to tell you that this is not the
first or the biggest one he has ever caught. He is a seasoned fisherman ya know!

While the boys were all out on the open ocean, Aunt Christine, Aubrey, Grandma, Ryan and I
played at the beach and swam in the pool. Ryan and Aubrey are soooooo cute together,
they just love each other so much. They play so great. They had fun jumping over the
waves and even got me out there with them "jumping."
At the pool, Ryan was hysterical.
I had to put ear plugs in his ears b/c he had swimmers ear. The boy could not hear
a blessed thing. I would have to "YELL" at him constantly. Finally, when he would hear me,
he would just look at me and smile. I couldnt help but just laugh:)
The weekend was wonderful! We had lots of
fun and made lots of memories!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!!

We found out yesterday that James passed the FCAT!!!!!
Don't know the scores yet but I don't really care!!! I am sooooo
proud of the boy! Thank you to all of you who were praying for
him. God heard our prayers and once again was faithful!
We told James he could choose anywhere he wanted to go for
dinner tonight. BAD IDEA. I thought he would choose McDonalds,
Fazoli's, or maybe even Chili's. NOPE, not my boy... we are headed
to Boston Lobster Feast!! I'm looking forward to the food, just not the
bill! All kidding aside, Jason and I are so proud of James. He has
come so far from the begining of the year. He has worked his
little tail off and his hard work has paid off!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(That was from James by the way)

That was not the only exciting thing that happened yesterday!
Yes, we are a family of high achievers!! Last night was the AWANA
awards presentation at church. Brandon was nominated for Clubber
of the Year!!! Jason and I had no idea. When they called his name
both of our jaws hit the floor!
I cant even take any credit for this. He loves awanas and loves his
teachers and best of all loves Jesus!!! He blew through his first handbook
and was almost done with his workbook. He probably memorized more
scripture than I did this year!!
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