Sunday, November 30, 2014

HisTreasured Possession

I'm writing this to share with you what I have come to realize about God's love for me, about my life and the way I see it.  I am not a great writer, eloquent speaker, or  a "wise old woman"  (Well, I am getting older!!!)  So, after you have read this, hopefully you wont be confused or think WHAT??? Because, well... it all makes sense to me:)

My whole life I have been trying to be something I'm not... Perfect.
The perfect daughter, the perfect mother, the perfect wife, friend, gotta have the perfect house, decorated perfectly!
And NEVER quite meeting my expectations.  Never quite satisfied with the mediocrity that I sometimes feel I am.  Because I don't measure up.  But, really, who am I trying to please????
No one is perfect, this side of heaven.  Yet, we do hold ourselves (and each other) to some unreachable standards, don't we??   Well, I for one am exhausted!  Tired of trying to be someone, something I'm not.  I'm tired of feeling like a failure. Tired of being disappointed.
 Heard a song on the radio this morning that really got me thinking about this.  Laura Story's  "I can just be me".   Have you listened to this???
Here are the lyrics:
I've been doing all that I can
To hold it all together
Piece by piece.
I've been feeling like a failure, 
Trying to be braver 
Than I could ever be.
It's just not me.

So be my healer, be my comfort, be my peace.
Cause I can be broken, I can be needy,
Lord I need You now to be, 
Be my God, so I can just be me.

I've been living like an orphan, 
Trying to belong here, 
But it's just not my home.
I've been holding on so tightly,
To all the things that I think
Could satisfy my soul.  
But I'm letting go....

So be my Father, my mighty warrior, be my King.
Cause I can be scattered, frail and shattered, 
Lord I need You now to be,
Be my God, so I can just be me.

Cause I was lost in this dark world
Until I was finally found in You
So now I'm needing, desperately pleading 
Oh Lord, be all to me

And be my Savior, be  my Lifeline, won't you be my Everything.
Cause I'm so tired of trying to be someone 
I was  never meant to be 
be my God
Please be my God
Be my God
So I can just be me....

This song is my prayer!!!  That I would stop trying so hard!  That I would let Him be my Everything!!!  To not focus on all the things I am not, but to focus on ALL that He is!!!
 I have been struggling for so long to be someone I was never supposed to be that I lost sight of the fact that I don't have to be the PERFECT wife, mother, friend, decorator, cook, speaker.
God created me to be, Me.  Right here, right now.  Anything that He calls me to do he will  fill me "with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge" (Ex 31:4)  to complete it!  I don't have to worry about whether or not I can, because He CAN!  He has and He WILL!
Sooooo, I can stop feeling sorry for myself,  feeling like I don't measure up! Having a fear of failure. God didn't create me (or you!)  to be like this! "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline."  2 Timothy 1:7  
 I am Saved  by grace, Victorious through Christ!  I am his Beloved!!  His Daughter!! His treasured possession!!  That has to mean something!!! It does mean something!!!   It means everything!!! He will never love me any more and He will never love me any less!!!  Thank you God for that peace!!! For Your Faithfulness!!! For Your Perfect Love!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The "boys" playroom

I have been so excited about this project. I'm

having a hard time fitting it in to my busy schedule

but when I can I am loving it!!!!

Here is a picture of the absolutely adorable

window "mistreatment" that I made.
I loooove them!!! I took a $6 table runner, glued
the cutest little green pom-pom fringe on the bottom,
and hung some $4 sheets behind it and VOILA!!!!
SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! (If I do say so
A big THANK YOU goes out to Ashley for helping me
pick out the fringe!!!
There are so many things I want to do in this room.
I'll update as I get them done!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

TIME FLIES..........
(wrote this a week ago and forgot to post...hehehehehehe)

I've been told that it has been way too long

since my last post:) Its true! I know, this little

thing called life just keeps getting in the way!!!!!!!!

The past few months have been pretty crazy around

here, getting ready for school and then the really

big news... I have gone back to work. yep, tis true!!!

Tonight will be my 3rd night back. I am actually

enjoying it, but it is only my 3rd night back:)
Enough about that, Im sure Ill have more to say

about that a different time.

Back to the kids, they (James and Brandon)

started school on Monday, then stayed home on

Tuesday(because of T.S. Fay), went to school

Wed and Thurs. and stayed home today.

The kids didnt mind a bit, but it reeked

havoc on mom and dads schedule. ya know

sitting around relaxing, eatin bonbons!!

I wish!!!

Oh yeah- for those of you who may not know

Jason is officially a stay home dad!!!
He has been home since May. We decided that both

of us would stay home with the kids through the

summer, spend lots of family time, play, relax ( he deserved it)

and then I would go back to work in the fall. And here we are!!

God is so good and so faithful. He made it possible for us

to have this wonderful summer with the kids. He provided

for our every need. I feel sooooo blessed to have been able

to stay home for the past year and a half! And then to have

3 months of Jason and I being home together was great!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

James turns 9
James turned 9 last Thursday, and his "party" lasted
for 5 days!!! My birthday is coming up, I hope I
get the same royal treatment!!!!! All joking aside
we have had a blast. We have been very busy, but
had lots of fun! The celebration started Thursday
morning with presents:

The boy is completely obsessed with The Deadliest Catch! If you ask
him what he wants to do when he grows up he will tell you he wants to
fish the Bering Sea......hopefully he will forget all about that when
he is 20. Anyway, he would watch this show from sun up to sun down
if we let him. He knows all the captains, how big each ship is, who is the
one that catches all the crab! Its crazy!!
We also got him the Mongoose bike that he wanted!
"Mom take a picture of me on the pegs!" What was I thinking??????!!!
He is already doing wheelies and jumping off curbs. And he
wants a ramp for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all the morning excitement we headed to see Mickey!

We had alot of fun. There were a ton of people there but we didnt stand
in line for more than 30 minutes for anything! Did I mention the best part
was that Titi Nicole was able to come with us!! The kids (and I) were so excited!!!
We hit all the favorites, Buzz Lightyear,

The tea cups

Barnstormers(?) I can never remembere the name of this
ride. The kids love it. Check out Ryan in this pic!!
The kid is fearless!!!!!!!!!!!

space mountain,
ryan was a HAIR away from being able to ride space mountain...
not that I would have let him!!!!!!!!! WE would have had to lie
about some age restriction or something. He was soooo sad.
He thinks he is such a big boy!

Brandon and James arrive victorious from their battle with the mountain,
space mountain that is. This was Brandon's first time!!!
Of course, we rode thunder mountain and splash mountain and every other
ride you can think of, mom just didnt take as many pics as I would have liked.
Here are just a few of the ones I did snap!

my 3 monkeys!


I said I just wanted to SEE him!!(heheheh)

the birthday boy!

Daddy goofin off!

my little man

mommy's turn to goof off!
Captain Brandon!
As you can see we had a GREAT time!!
James birthday went on for 4 more days, I'll have to do
another post for that. Gotta go for now!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Game Day!!!

James and Brandon are playing on a summer football
league together. They had their best game yet, this
Saturday. James scored 2 touchdowns and Brandon scored
an extra point. It really was a great game!
I was hoping to post some video clips from
my camera. Cant figure out how to do it:(
But here are some pics of my boys.

Coach Sellers settin up the defense!!

"I got your back, bro!"

I was sooo proud of them and the rest of the boys,too!
As for Ryan, well, he just cant wait till he is out on the field with
his brothers!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!!

One of my favorite blogs is having a
real cool giveaway!! Check it out
when you get a chance!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A steal of a deal

On a whim today I stopped at a garage
sale, with all three kids, yikes!
So glad I did!
Check out what I got for $15.00!!!!

The desk and the chair: $15.00
I almost peed my pants when she said
the price. I could barely contain myself!
Cant wait to paint it and put it in the new
playroom/craft room!

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